Image of  2020 Desktop Calendar

2020 Desktop Calendar

$10.00 USD

You know it! If you've been here before, you know what it's all about. If not, welcome! Let me tell you about this calendar....

This is a 12 month calendar, January through December. Each page has a piece of scripture to memorize and to encourage for the month, with a watercolor flora border accompany it.

There are no special colors or marked dates for public holidays as the buyers for this calendar come from all over the world.

The stand is just like a CD case, which folds backward and turns into a cute little stand to sit on your work desk or countertop.

The case is 5.1x6.1inches (130x156mm).

There are a number of ways to hang these up without using the stand. A bulldog clip at the top, hung on a tack on the wall, put in a photo stand - see pics for examples.

If you see me regularly, please use code SEEYOUATCHURCH for free shipping so I can bring this to you!